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Women Seeking Men
The world has changed socially and women are now empowered to make decisions of their own. Traditionally, it was the work of a man to show interest, woo, engage and marry a lady. Nowadays, the tide is slowly changing and the number of women seeking men is growing exponentially. This is partly the reasoning behind the social revolution. Matters of the heart are now more of decisions than emotions.

women seeking men

Women seeking men – Reason for the Influx

1. Formal education contributes significantly to this surge. Women are now more educated and enlighten to choose for themselves a life partner. Sometimes, the man might do the introduction but the woman plays a large role in selecting a man who suits her.
2. The reduced number of eligible men has forced women to take matters into their hands. Procreation needs planning and a woman will look for a perfect breed to father her children.
3. The rise of independent women who fend for themselves and their relations. This has prompted the necessity of women seeking men because they intimidate them.

women seeking men – Why Women Seeking Men is not a Social Deficiency

The boldness of the contemporary woman has nothing to do with their behaviour or morality. In the past, a man had all the cards for life and sometimes used it to influence decisions in his favour. It was a social stereotype to hear women seeking men but that notion has been overtaken by events. As women grew cognisance to their rights and the ability to define their own path, they began making decisions for their lives. A combined effort by both men and women is a blessing to social demography.

Various Ways Used by Women Seeking Men
• Strong Persona – the modern man wants a woman who has an identity. Love alone is not the only reason why people would want to stay together. A strong woman is not only a companion to a man but also a life partner who influences progressive decisions.
• Independence – gone are the days when women were totally dependent on their men. Women have needs, both financial and social. If a man sees such a woman, they tend to gravitate towards her as they cause little or no nuisance.
• Taking the initiative – this tackles a wider spectrum; from paying bills, initiating a relationship, offering advice, encouragement among others. Women who have an opinion are more like partners than lovers. A man would love to have an alternative voice to complement his actions.