Women looking for men – Dating tipps

Where to find women looking for Men?

There is often a misconception among the dating scene that it is all men looking and women who aren’t interested, but that is simply not true there are plenty of woman looking for men out there, you just need to know where to look to find the right one.

Women looking for men

Women looking for men on dating sites

This would probably be the most obvious choice to find woman looking for men. The woman on here will usually be looking for relationships with men, but you will also find some that are looking for a more casual arrangement. The good thing about woman looking for men on these sites is that they will have details profiles with lots of information about what they are and aren’t looking for. There will usually be lots of pictures and you can start slowly by chatting online for a while before meeting.

Women looking for men on Hookupsites

Again, people believe woman aren’t on hookupsites but that just isn’t true, woman are much more liberal now and you will find 100,000s of women looking for men on Hookupsites. Similarly, to the dating sites a lot of women looking for men on these sites will have a detailed profile, although not all do. There will usually be some photos to go by and you can normally tell the type of girl you are dealing with by how naughty the pictures are. Try and go for the woman who have verified their accounts and have multiple pictures, or will send you some after a while as these sites do attract some scammers pretending to be women looking for men. Although you do find women looking for long term relationships on these sites they are few and far between and most are just looking for some fun.

Women looking for men via personal ads

This is the original way to find women looking for men, although this method is a bit old school it can have a high success rate as you will usually know that the person posting either lives in the same area as you which is a big plus, or if they are posting in a national newspaper or magazine then you know they have some similarities to you. The main down fall is that there aren’t usually any pictures and you sometimes have to write to them through the magazine, but this slow approach can sometimes build a stronger trust so might be worth it if your looking for the right person. Women looking for men this way tend to be older and looking for something more serious and long term.