Personals | Want to find the RIGHT PARTNER?

Writing a personal ad can feel daunting as you want to try and set the right tone so that Mr or Miss Right will feel inspired to contact you. The trick to getting a date that could lead to the perfect mate is to creating personals that will make readers sit up and take notice. Here are a few points to bear in mind when you are writing your personals.


Personals – Creating Appealing Personals

Many people are tempted to try and write as much about themselves as possible to try and attract the perfect partner. However, this is a mistake as people who have to read a long and rather dry personal description are likely to become bored and move onto the next ad. Rather than including everything about yourself in your personal ad it is a good idea to create an air of mystery as much as possible so that you and your date will have plenty to talk about when you meet.

Personals – Key Things to Include in Your Personals

Some of the main points that you should include are your physical information such as height, weight, age and eye colour. A couple of short, punchy sentences that give an insight into your personality should be included as well as an overview of any interests you have that you want to share with a mate. One of the tricks to making sure that your personal ad is memorable is to try and make the reader laugh. If you are not at your ideal weight, using humour is a good way to get around this, such as saying ‘tubby but willing to change’ or a little extra cushion for the pushing’. If you are older, perhaps refer to this by saying something like ‘this old dog loves new tricks’.

Be Clear About Your Needs in Your Personals
The last thing you want is to have to read a huge number of replies from people who are completely unsuitable. Therefore, you need to try and let readers know what you are looking for so they can see if they make the grade. If it is essential that your perfect partner is a non-smoker or loves dogs, make sure that you say so. However, it is also important not to come off as too picky, as this might scare off the right mate. Try to inject a little humour to make your date smile. Sometimes familiar clichés are a good way to set the right tone, so something like ‘love me, love my dog’ is likely to appeal to pet lovers.