Dating Sites Profiles – Tipps for creating a profile

Dating sites profiles – Picture

Looking around dating sites profiles, you will see lots of different types of profile picture. If you could have a little sneak peek into the dating sites profiles that get the most attention, you will find that there is a certain type of picture that always works, and a few no no’s.

Dating sites profiles are best when they have a picture of you alone, looking natural and doing something interesting. Dating sites profiles with pictures of groups never work because no one knows what one is you. Pictures are best when they are not filtered, and are of you alone, maybe on holiday or a day trip.

Dating Sites Profiles

Dating sites profiles – Name

When you first signed up, it may have sounded cute to have your profile as ‘Cute Funny Bunny 89’, but now you are looking around other profiles and realising this may have been a mistake. You need to pick out something that stands out from other dating sites profiles, doesn’t give too much away, and is also sensible, especially if you want to attract an older sugar daddy. It is completely understandable that you don’t want to give away your name, but even a first initial and a location and a year of birth will be better than something you think sounds cute at the time then you realise actually is ridiculous.

Dating sites profiles – Bio

The all important part of the process is the bio. You need to sound fun and interesting, without boasting or bragging. You also will not want to give too much away, otherwise you will have nothing to talk about on your first date. First off, there is the vital statistics. Don’t lie on these. If you turn up for a date looking completely different, you will put off your potential date straight away. When it comes to the bio, try and mix it up a bit. Don’t go off on a tangent of what you are looking for, as you will alienate some men or women who don’t think they match up. Keep it brief, name a couple of things that you are interested in, and maybe places you would like to travel.