Dating Site Photos – Tipps for good photos

What is it with dating site photos?

For those of us who would actually admit to using a dating site (or those of us who just visit and browse for kicks!) there is some pretty weird stuff going on with dating site photos. Its not about people using dating sites to date either. I mean, who has the time to date now, right? No, the real issue here is telling the truth! Some of the photos online are just not an accurate representation of the person. Let’s face it, you have no way of knowing if the pictures you are viewing are actually real dating site photos, as in an accurate representation of the person! Who would be single! Are they single?

Dating Site Photos

Does anyone post real dating site photos?

The most common ‘cheat’ is to use old pictures from years ago. The person might be aged 35 years, but the photo looks like it comes from a School class outing!

Some dating site photos just look rubbish

It’s true, there are those amongst us that can tell the truth, but they should not be allowed near a camera or a dating site! They have no idea how to represent themselves in the best light. It’s like they chose a photo blindfolded with a pin! Typical offending dating site photos are (but not limited to!);
They choose a photo with an ex! A former husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend and separate the photo. It’s like saying, “I’ve been dumped, help me”

They choose dating site photos with children. In other words, the best thing about me is I can reproduce!

They choose their pictures from an online library, or worse, someone else’s profile, which just is not them!

Some photos are taken from a period in life when they were four stones different in weight. We all see photos in the profile of the person looking athletic and slim but fast forward three years and they are no longer the slim version of their former selves!

They pick photos and pictures of themselves in track suit bottoms pyjamas or a dressing gown. There is nothing to say about this other than “get some self-respect”!

So what do we need to keep in mind when viewing photos on dating sites?

People lie.
People bend the truth.
Some can’t be bothered.
People are lonely.
Love hurts!

Be lucky, choose your date and your dating site photos carefully!