Dating Sites

Dating SitesOnline matchmaking is on the rise: What started many years ago with rather simple chat rooms and flirt communities for singles has emerged into a massive industry. As smartphones and tablets play an even greater part in our lives, with the majority of smartphone owners using social media at least to some degree, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that dating sites and apps become more and more popular, too. When you have mobile Internet access through your smartphone’s data plan, it’s hard to resist the temptation of checking out other singles on dating sites when you’re on the way home. Younger users appreciate the playful, straightforward interface of modern dating sites where you can match with other men and women you find attractive, initiate a chat and exchange pictures – finding a date has never been easier. Gone are the days where you had to skim through lengthy, overly detailed member profiles: Today’s most successful dating sites offer everyone a free basic account and a personal profile where one can provide the most important, basic information together with a nice picture. After all, it’s the first impression that matters, and most people don’t even want to spend time reading through page-long profile texts. Whether you’re a good match or not is something you will figure out after the first few messages or the first date in real life.


What do the best free dating sites offer?

Free Dating Sites– The top dating sites all provide new members with a free basic membership. That means you may register for free and can immediately use the basic features such as browsing the profiles of other singles, view pics, chat and send additional photos to other users. Some dating sites have advanced matchmaking functions, larger private photo albums, the option to mark others as favorites, and more for subscribers. Usually it’s entirely up to you if you want to pay for these additional features or not, but it may make the dating experience more fun and convenient.


– Face pics are probably the most important part of your profile. Nobody likes to browse through hundreds of faceless profiles, and the chances of somebody to initiate a chat if they don’t know what you look like is usually pretty low. Some men and women feel slightly uncomfortable to have their face clearly visible to the whole world on a matchmaking site, and some of us prefer to be discreet for professional reasons. Good dating sites allow users to send each other pictures directly in a message, and some even offer invisible photo galleries that you can unlock to other users you find interesting.

Do people actually fall in love on dating sites?

– The short answer: Yes, absolutely. Obviously it depends on what you and your date are looking for, but generally speaking, dating sites are just a modern, convenient way to get to know new people and find dates. Once you decide to meet up with someone in real life, everything else is up to you and chemistry will determine where the journey goes. If you are interested in dates and relationships, you can usually indicate so on your profile. Some users may be more interested in no-strings attached one-night stands, for others, friends come first and everything else could happen if you click. Try to keep an open mind and find out what the others are up to, and who knows? Every day, singles meet their future partner in crime online and fall in love with someone they met on a dating site. In the end, matchmaking on online dating sites is not much different from meeting strangers in a bar or on a friend’s house party: You walk over to a good-looking man or woman (or let them take the first move), have a chat, and if you feel there’s something more, you exchange numbers and set up a date.


What kind of people use online dating sites?

Everybody, really. Internet dates are not just a thing of the smartphone generation. You will find men and women of all ages on dating sites, singles, couples, bored housewives looking for affairs, businessmen, or simply guys and girls that want to have some fun. Different communities target different interests, and nowadays there are basically dating services catering for all kinds of interests, needs, fetishes, and so on. There are even dating communities for beautiful young women who want to find a sugar daddy, for spontaneous hook-ups, or discreet married encounters. Not everybody is looking for relationships, but with the vast choice of options, it’s easy to find a dating site that matches your needs.


What experienced users say about dating sites: 

Dating Sites Experiences“It all started as an innocent online flirt. I saw that girl on a dating app, she had a cute picture of herself on the beach, but what really caught my attention was her profile text. It was kinda quirky and funny, different from most of the other women on there. So I decided to give it a try, and when we met up for the first time for drinks, we immediately liked each other. And now we’ve been in a relationship for over a year, she’s the woman of my life and I couldn’t be happier.”, says Bryan, an insurance broker from London. Other users like Ben are mostly after uncomplicated one-night stands: “I admit I’m not after anything serious, but I feel it’s actually easier to get away with it on the dating websites and apps. If you flirt with a girl in a club and ask her if she’s down, what are the odds she’s gonna say yes? Maybe she’s with friends, and a lot of women still believe others judge them if they go home with a random guy they just met, and I feel that’s different when you meet somebody online. You can be more straightforward and say you’re just up for some no-strings fun, and then they can decide whether that works for them or not.”

It’s not only men who appreciate the more to-the-point nature of dating sites, as Kim, a postgraduate student in her twenties, explains: “It’s kinda unfair if you think about it. Guys can get away with pretty much everything when they go out, but if a woman just wants to hook up, you call her easy and a slut. Or even worse: You take the initiative and it intimidates the guy, because he’s still stuck in the last century where it was always men who had to be the ones who came over to hit on you. I think it’s more casual online and there’s less pressure. You just talk to find out whether you’re on the same page, and if he’s interesting, you meet up.”


It’s worth giving dating sites a try – you would be surprised how many nice singles are on in your neighborhood alone. Everything could happen, it’s up to you.